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Commercial Scaffold Erection Carshalton – St Helier Hospital

Lift Shaft & independent scaffolds were erected inside & around a newly installed lift shaft steel frame and runoff area to rear the main block. 

Initially, we erected an internal Lift shaft scaffold to the inside of the steel frame to give access to installing curtain walling to the inside of the lift shaft. In Total, the scaffold will be 3 metres long x 3.5 metres wide x 30 metres high. The scaffold was fully boarded at floor slab levels and include inside double handrails plus ladder access. The scaffold was erected so that it can be adapted at a later stage to give access for installing lift runners. The structure was abutted to the internal walls, and operatives were put on standby to move any tubes on request. 

The Independent scaffold was erected to the outside steel frame to render access to the lift shaft section and install windows to the runoff section. The scaffold was 16 metres lineal x 30 metres high and fully boarded in 2.8 metres high working platforms. The scaffold was cantilevered over the roadside section @ 5 metres high and be set out to a measurement pre-determined by ITC Concepts to allow space for all works. We installed a frame to the outside of the scaffold frame to accommodate 3 metres wide wind safe Monarflex sheeting fixed with rubber toggles. The scaffold was Hilti Tied in 3 no. points laterally to the concrete bands on the buildings primary structure. The scaffold frame was plan braced at these levels to transfer the wind load.

We then installed a temporary roof for weather protection over the whole scaffold frame at a high level. The scaffold was extended across the roof to square off our working area and roof space. The roof incorporated 6 metres long bridging beams and corrugated tin sheets.

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SITE SURVEY CARRIED OUT BY: Mick Johnson 22 / 04 / 20


All operatives were deemed competent as defined by C.I.S.R.S / NVQ Qualification.


When completed, scaffolds were left in a condition suitable to perform the duty for which they are intended. The scaffold was then inspected by a competent person representing ITC Concepts Ltd. When found suitable, a Hand Over Certificate was issued. 

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All scaffolding works currently being performed are in accordance with our generic COVID – 19 Procedures & Risk Considerations, supplied to us by The Scaffolding Association of which we are members.

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May 2020


ITC Concepts Ltd


Superior Access Scaffolding Ltd

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